The Quotes Challenge Day 2 – Attitude Determines Your Altitude

For my Day 2 of the Quotes Challenge, I want to emphasize one of the things that can make you a better person:

This is an actual item I currently have on my office desk. At times I am tempted to vent out my stress but I am always reminded to be the bigger person.

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”

Zig Ziglar

We may experience hardships, challenges, trials, stress, and mishaps. We may even make mistakes when we least expect it, and we may not even perform in a level that we expect ourselves to attain.

Most of the time, people around you can tolerate this. After all, no one is perfect. But what they do mind is your attitude in dealing with the rough times. This is all that matters.

On many occasions, managers talk little about the skill set of a certain employee. The important part of their assessment is the employee’s work attitude. Develop the right attitude and the skills will follow.

Let’s see the bigger picture and talk about how we deal with our life. Our attitude solidifies our strength and character. True character is tested through affliction and fire. Real strength comes from the weakest moments of our lives. So without the correct attitude, we are as good as lost.

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The Quotes Challenge Day 1 – Wisdom is Wealth

Someone welcomed me back to the blogging world and nominated me to this Quotes Challenge. 🙂

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For Day 1, I will post a verse quoted from the book of all books:

People nowadays are so focused in fame, power, money, riches, etc. It’s fine actually. Who doesn’t? But unfortunately, they often forget the basic thing needed to get what they want: wisdom.

Do you know what  King Solomon, the wisest king who ever lived, asked from God? Knowledge and Wisdom.

And we should too.

Ever wondered why lottery winners become millionaires for a day and get back being broke after a month? Ever wondered why many people fall into investment scams with the promise of quick money without doing any work? Ever wondered why many superstars spend their money on useless things and grow old homeless and bankrupt?

They wished for fishes without even wanting to know how to fish.

Wisdom is knowing the different seasons in your life and the things you need to accomplish to make the most out of each season.

Just graduated from college and ready for your new job? You think that’s the end of your learning curve? You have to put in the hours improving your craft instead of doing those “YOLO” moments. I must confess, I studied harder and better this past decade compared when I was in college.

Wisdom will tell you that what you are today is the result of what you did yesterday.

Are you pleased with your life right now? If yes, congratulations. You must have done well back on your older self.  Want to be pleased with your life tomorrow? Well, you know what to do.

Ask humbly for more wisdom and He will give you riches beyond your wildest dreams.

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Haircut Amnesia

To slowdown from a busy and stressful day, part of my unwinding strategies will be this: posting blah blah photos and try as much as I can to say something about it.

#MEMA lang. Haha Haha Haha! !

So for this week:

IMG_6193OHA! Actually, I am quite comfy wearing girl bands. Being different is my hidden desire.

But ofcourse, dahil makati na talaga ang noo ko dahil sa bangs! 

My officemates are somewhat amused with my different look. Imagine attending meetings looking like this. It’s a gwapo mess. Kidding. 😛

I will have my haircut real soon. Maybe this weekend. I’ll miss being dugyot.

No Facebook, No Problem!

A week ago, I deleted my Facebook app in my phone with the purpose of just clearing some space caused by the app. I was planning to re-install it but due to some bus passenger, I got distracted. Before I knew it, I realized that I wasn’t able to reinstall it by lunch time. Then came dinner. I thought, “hindi naman pala siya kawalan”.  It wasn’t so bad actually. Since then, I began checking my FB through the web only (using my laptop) and here’s the thing: I managed to check Facebook in less than 10 minutes, and off I go!

A few days later, same story. I just check FB when I get home. Yes, I do get same number of notifications and missed out messages, but that’s all there is.

I am starting to believe that I can do again what I have done back in college: live an awesome life without so much social media destroying my inner peace and physical relationships. Suddenly, I became more productive and more efficient at work (from 100 to 150% lol) and at home (where my most important tasks are waiting for me). Ofcourse I understand that times have changed and social media is somehow linked to your everyday life already.

But then again, you get to choose what you permanently link to your life. It’s all about priorities.

Whatsapp, Viber, Instagram, Twitter can certainly wait. I will look at it only if I need to see it. Otherwise, my phone is better off inside my pocket. I am better off taking a nap on my bus ride home or reading a hardbound book.

I opt to keep things simple. Less clutter is better.


How increased inefficiency explains falling oil prices

Our Finite World

Since about 2001, several sectors of the economy have become increasingly inefficient, in the sense that it takes more resources to produce a given output, such as 1000 barrels of oil. I believe that this growing inefficiency explains both slowing world economic growth and the sharp recent drop in prices of many commodities, including oil.

The mechanism at work is what I would call the crowding out effect. As more resources are required for the increasingly inefficient sectors of the economy, fewer resources are available to the rest of the economy. As a result, wages stagnate or decline. Central banks find it necessary lower interest rates, to keep the economy going.

Unfortunately, with stagnant or lower wages, consumers find that goods from the increasingly inefficiently sectors are increasingly unaffordable, especially if prices rise to cover the resource requirements of these inefficient sectors. For most periods in the past, commodities prices…

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2014: New Challenges, New Lessons

Year 2014 is a start of a new phase in my life: new work, new challenges, new colleagues, and new opportunities to grow. I consider this year as a “balancing” year, because I need to balance my time with many activities that I needed to take care of and prioritize. There is my new work in WIKA, my fitness program, to name a few.

Activities for this year were not as significant as year 2013, but there are a few highlights that I can pinpoint that made this year a special one:


Lord God has been very good to me as He answered my prayer of being able to work in an office environment. I have expected that the stress will be great but at least only during working hours. True enough, it did happen. Thankfully, I have great colleagues that have made this stress lighter, especially my fellow countrymen who works in the office as well. All our lunch breaks were such a much-needed breather from work. They are awesome friends to work with as well.

The management is good as well. I have always been blessed with good bosses and the current one is no exception. The work nevertheless is challenging but I took it as an opportunity to improve myself.

And I keep on improving up to now.

Speaking of opportunities, WIKA has been very good to give me an opportunity to be trained in one of my dream destinations:


Forza Italia! I didn’t expect that I will be chosen to be part of the Primary Flow component training in one of our subsidiaries in Italy. I was just 4 months old then in the company. Italy is my dream country, thanks to Ferrari.

It was one of my highlights this year, to finally experience the Italian spirit there is: from food, wine, coffee, people and the culture. It was truly an experience worth sharing and worth keeping.

The people in Italy, particularly in countryside Cremona, are the most relaxed people I’ve ever met in the whole world. Too relaxed that I realized I’ve been approaching my life in the most stressful way. They are out there going home early from work, walking slowly, going to a coffee shop and chatting with friends. I can easily tell if there’s any sign of stress from their faces, and there’s none. Amazing.

I was able to go to Milan as well and I thank Tita Joys Calingasan, wife of my mentor Pastor Dan Calingasan, in showing me around the city. Together with their lovely kids, they were able to accompany me to the best places and food in Milan. I can’t thank them enough for the hospitality and patience in walking me around.

I will surely come back in Italy, hopefully for vacation and next time in Florence. 🙂



You will see this project over and over again but this time around I got really into it, serious as hell and as focused as LASER.

I have put up the most rigorous training and diet regimen that I can.

Swimming, stair climbing, running, weight training, density training and all the works.

No white rice, white bread whatsoever. I can eat all the ulam I want, but no rice.

Imagine the discipline it takes for me to do those things, especially the swimming session every Saturday evening. It went on for 4 months straight. It took me sweat and blood to burn what I need to burn and establish my target metabolism.

Thankfully, this 6 month workout investment (which I will still continue next year) have already produced its results. The weight that I obviously lost is one thing. But the better part of this is that my metabolism is still on its peak rate, burning 1-2 lbs per 6 hours of sleep/no-activity. Amazing. That’s why this christmas vacation, I can just eat whatever I want and my body itself is helping me burn the fats to control the excessive weight gain.

That should be your goal in working out as well. Not just weight loss, but metabolism. 🙂


A few months prior to the holiday, I felt that my knowledge in finances and money has been stagnant due to being busy in workout and watching lots of drama series. I came back to Asensadong Pinoy with a renewed vigor and hunger for learning. I missed going to the greenhouse and as I hoped, every session I attended with AP is a session of realization and learning — which I really needed that time.

So I came up with a new project called KAIZEN (good change) that will help myself re-learn the ropes of various subjects needed to become a complete person and a competent investor. In short, I want to re-increase my value.

So I started reading Economic news and read numerous financial and personality development books. I also attended numerous Asensadong Pinoy Investors’ Training led by my mentor himself Pastor Dan Calingasan. Indeed, I am glad that I am back on my usual self — hungry for knowledge.

The key now with this project is that I must be consistent with what I do and develop a habit of touching every aspect of the learning curve. Needless to say, I am now so busy studying and doing what normal people of my age do: wake up early on weekends and stay up late on weekdays to self-study and read books.

There is absolutely no time to waste. This is not easy, but it will be worth it.


And finally, the much awaited Christmas vacation is here! All those months of hardwork will be rewarded by an awesome vacation in my home country. So far so good. I am able to eat all I want to eat and be with my loved ones almost everyday. The relationships I have re-forged is priceless and I will always treasure all those days that I have been with them.

That’s it for my 2014. I thank the Lord for giving me daily blessings through my family, friends and loved ones. It is really not the material things that made me happy, but the inner peace Lord God has given me.

As for my plans for 2015, I just need to focus on my Project Kaizen as it now involves me expanding my investment portfolio deep into the stock market. I feel that I will be good at it — I can be confident at times and this is one of those instances where I think I will excel on something. I just hope that God will bless me with wisdom and knowledge in pursuing this. After all, I do this not for myself, but for a higher purpose of serving Him by blessing others as well.

To my family, loved ones, friends and colleagues who kept me company for the past year, thank you very much. Words alone cannot express the joy that you have given me. You truly are instruments sent by God to bless me with riches that money cannot buy.

Happy new year everyone! Indeed,  #AwesomeNeverStops in 2015! God Bless! 🙂

Remembering RSC

So my friends and colleagues from Emerson Manila are about to transfer from Makati to Quezon City. It must be a very exciting experience. It can be troublesome for some, especially Southerners, but overall the location change is for the good of many.

That is yet to be confirmed.

I spent a good couple of years of my career in Makati, particularly in Robinson’s Summit. I am one of those people who was not so thrilled about the transition (we were moving from Ortigas back then) ; but after a couple of months I seemed to love the place.

Due to its location, RSC is literally surrounded with restaurants and fastfood chains. It’s really hard to resist temptation, especially if Starbucks and McDonald’s are just downstairs waiting for you. My memory of the place is still fresh in my mind, and here are some:

1. Jolliant’s — there was a stretch back in 2011 that we always go and have a couple of buckets bottles of beer at this place. This is where all the office issues and gossips are being talked about. LOL. We just drink ’till we drop, or rather, till we realize that it’s freaking 11 am already and we need to go home for the shift later that night. Did I mention the spicy garlic chicken? Ah, those days.

2. 32nd floor — the big pantry and the sleeping room. Around late 2011, I started bringing my “dinner” at work and it felt like home: watching TV over dinner and vice versa. It was a great way to start the shift.

3. Smoking area sa 7th Floor – sweet escape for many of us. It’s just a question of what/where/who were we escaping from 😛

4. Free parking sa valero – Friday night is usually a crucial night for me in terms of finding a parking space for free!

5. The long walk to Makati Med – for that Yellow Cab Pizza. What else?

6. The Sandwich Guy — their sandwiches are deceptively good.

7. Saturday morning kulitan sa office — the shift has ended but the gang aren’t. We were a bunch of kiddos who like to stay in the office because more likely, we were up to something not-so-good afterwards. lol.

8. 645AM roll-call — The Jolliant’s Gang will start approaching you minutes before the shift ends and ask about your plans “after work”. #ALAMNA.

9. Sleeping area in APAC — it was used to be Mami Coy Remetre’s workstation before, but since we are on nightshift and APAC is obviously off sleeping somewhere, I make their dark, cool, and quiet area my favourite sleeping place for a good number of months before Rosemount Analytical took over the area.

10. Buhay manager — that 3-4 month stretch when we always go to some fancy restaurant during dinner (before my shift) and Starbucks/SBC during midnight. Man, we had deep pockets back then.

11. Rainy Saturday morning — this is one of those “small-detailed” memory that I have. Nothing spectacular, but I always remember this scene — and I don’t know why.

12. OQT – this describes my main job scope before I left Emerson. Honestly, I felt proud doing this that I gave up some serious Team Lead and Specialist positions just for this.

13. The Last Goodbye – a bittersweet ending to my Emerson career in Manila. That “last-day” feeling is always an unexplainable one for me.

Ok I finally removed the nostalgic baggage from my back. I really do miss the place, too bad I won’t have  a change to go there again.