Dreams have its own way of changing our lives. I am a witness to this truth. I remember asking God for two gifts from our Life In The Spirit Seminar: Gift of Prophecy and Discernment.

What makes this combination so powerful is that God speaks to me through my dreams and often make things come to pass as I dreamt it. These dreams also include many realisations that my conscious mind wouldn’t even process.

Just today I had a grim dream. A purely psychological battle.

It is about the final moment of my life just before the higher power takes me. Before, I often dreamt of me being dead and seeing my dead body lying in an hospital bed. Nothing much to discern or figure out. I can’t even recognize how old I look then.

But this one is different. I am lying in a boat, sailing freely into the middle of the dark sea, with a dark statue of a hooded figure — Death himself. After him, is a sea without a horizon but a dark abyss waiting for me. Moments before I come across death, memories keep flashing in my head.

I kept crying but without tears. I am anxious but without fear. I am surrendering but without loss.

And what of the memories? They were the little but priceless memories: from my childhood games, my college graduation, the hugs, the goodbyes, the laughters, the pains, a gondola in Venice, a sweet little girl, family outings, snowball throwing, the nightly cuddle, my first grandchild, a last cry, and a surrender to God.

As these memories gushed in like a river, I told death that I lived a good and happy life. I told him to tell my children these important realisations:


At the closing stages of our lives, what matters will be the simple yet meaningful memories you spent with your loved ones, friends, and family. You will never think about how much money you made or how many investments you put up. 

What matters is how many people you have served, not how many people you command. 

What matters is the smile from your child’s face, not the dress being worn. 

What matters is appreciation, not expectation. 

What matters is inspiration, not achievement.

What matters is being able to love wholeheartedly, not being loved with demands and guidelines.

What matters is dying a happy man, not a rich man.

At that closing moment, just when I am about to fall into the deep nothing, I found the boat rushing back to a river where the sun shone brightly. I saw leaves fall on an autumn sky, and I heard children laughing drawing close to me.

I closed my eyes and thanked God for giving me a second chance.