No Facebook, No Problem!

A week ago, I deleted my Facebook app in my phone with the purpose of just clearing some space caused by the app. I was planning to re-install it but due to some bus passenger, I got distracted. Before I knew it, I realized that I wasn’t able to reinstall it by lunch time. Then came dinner. I thought, “hindi naman pala siya kawalan”.  It wasn’t so bad actually. Since then, I began checking my FB through the web only (using my laptop) and here’s the thing: I managed to check Facebook in less than 10 minutes, and off I go!

A few days later, same story. I just check FB when I get home. Yes, I do get same number of notifications and missed out messages, but that’s all there is.

I am starting to believe that I can do again what I have done back in college: live an awesome life without so much social media destroying my inner peace and physical relationships. Suddenly, I became more productive and more efficient at work (from 100 to 150% lol) and at home (where my most important tasks are waiting for me). Ofcourse I understand that times have changed and social media is somehow linked to your everyday life already.

But then again, you get to choose what you permanently link to your life. It’s all about priorities.

Whatsapp, Viber, Instagram, Twitter can certainly wait. I will look at it only if I need to see it. Otherwise, my phone is better off inside my pocket. I am better off taking a nap on my bus ride home or reading a hardbound book.

I opt to keep things simple. Less clutter is better.



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