Remembering RSC

So my friends and colleagues from Emerson Manila are about to transfer from Makati to Quezon City. It must be a very exciting experience. It can be troublesome for some, especially Southerners, but overall the location change is for the good of many.

That is yet to be confirmed.

I spent a good couple of years of my career in Makati, particularly in Robinson’s Summit. I am one of those people who was not so thrilled about the transition (we were moving from Ortigas back then) ; but after a couple of months I seemed to love the place.

Due to its location, RSC is literally surrounded with restaurants and fastfood chains. It’s really hard to resist temptation, especially if Starbucks and McDonald’s are just downstairs waiting for you. My memory of the place is still fresh in my mind, and here are some:

1. Jolliant’s — there was a stretch back in 2011 that we always go and have a couple of buckets bottles of beer at this place. This is where all the office issues and gossips are being talked about. LOL. We just drink ’till we drop, or rather, till we realize that it’s freaking 11 am already and we need to go home for the shift later that night. Did I mention the spicy garlic chicken? Ah, those days.

2. 32nd floor — the big pantry and the sleeping room. Around late 2011, I started bringing my “dinner” at work and it felt like home: watching TV over dinner and vice versa. It was a great way to start the shift.

3. Smoking area sa 7th Floor – sweet escape for many of us. It’s just a question of what/where/who were we escaping from 😛

4. Free parking sa valero – Friday night is usually a crucial night for me in terms of finding a parking space for free!

5. The long walk to Makati Med – for that Yellow Cab Pizza. What else?

6. The Sandwich Guy — their sandwiches are deceptively good.

7. Saturday morning kulitan sa office — the shift has ended but the gang aren’t. We were a bunch of kiddos who like to stay in the office because more likely, we were up to something not-so-good afterwards. lol.

8. 645AM roll-call — The Jolliant’s Gang will start approaching you minutes before the shift ends and ask about your plans “after work”. #ALAMNA.

9. Sleeping area in APAC — it was used to be Mami Coy Remetre’s workstation before, but since we are on nightshift and APAC is obviously off sleeping somewhere, I make their dark, cool, and quiet area my favourite sleeping place for a good number of months before Rosemount Analytical took over the area.

10. Buhay manager — that 3-4 month stretch when we always go to some fancy restaurant during dinner (before my shift) and Starbucks/SBC during midnight. Man, we had deep pockets back then.

11. Rainy Saturday morning — this is one of those “small-detailed” memory that I have. Nothing spectacular, but I always remember this scene — and I don’t know why.

12. OQT – this describes my main job scope before I left Emerson. Honestly, I felt proud doing this that I gave up some serious Team Lead and Specialist positions just for this.

13. The Last Goodbye – a bittersweet ending to my Emerson career in Manila. That “last-day” feeling is always an unexplainable one for me.

Ok I finally removed the nostalgic baggage from my back. I really do miss the place, too bad I won’t have  a change to go there again.


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