It’s the time of the year where I write my thoughts for what has transpired for 2013, and believe me, it was an awesome year for me.

If I can encapsulate the whole year into one word, it would be ABUNDANCE. As my good friend Liezel Salazar mentioned to me, “abundance” is financial + spiritual prosperity. I couldn’t agree more! In fact, it was more than the financial and spiritual aspects of my life that have changed.

So here are the things that made up my 2013:


March 2013, my good friend John Prado invited me to this Filipino group called “Asensadong Pinoy” and it has changed my life for the better. It is a group that is advocating on financial awareness for Filipinos especially those who are working abroad like us. Joining the group regularly, I learned even more like economics, taxation, banking system, personality development, and leadership training. It is a complete package, thanks to our leader and mentor, Pastor Dan Calingasan.

He also taught me to invest in TIME. Time is the one thing you cannot take back, so I must use my time doing things that will improve myself, and make me successful. So yes, I have put aside some of my “time stealers” and unnecessary activities.

He also taught me to invest in KNOWLEDGE. So I bought a lot of good books by Robert Kiyosaki, John Maxwell, etc to learn more. “Never stop learning” was always my mantra. I realized that if you spent your precious time in things like these, money will just follow.

And yes, money indeed just followed with less effort and less thinking! 🙂


It’s always a good thing to meet new friends. Joining Asensadong Pinoy and AIM Global (the part-time business that I ventured later half of this year) made my network of friends and investment/business partners even wider. The good thing about this network is that we share the same goals and visions. Trully, only eagles understand eagles. My AIM business partners — uplines, downlines, and crosslines have been important in shaping me into someone I never thought I will be. The nature of what we do is void of insecurities, politics and all the negativities. All are positive, success-driven people whose dreams are really amplified with a sense of reality and urgency. Time and financial freedom — we are on our way to that. And it excites me for the years to come.

Through this business, I also met surprisingly wonderful people from Singapore (Team Emerson), Malaysia (team Penang and team TwinPower) and Philippines (TeamRushers) to whom I also thank for the trust that they have given me. I never thought that my dream of being a trainer and a speaker will come into life! I give all credit to Him as He used me as an instrument to empower my business partners and change their lives.


I am humbled to have met LEADERS who have achieved what I want to achieve. These leaders are not the usual “leaders” you see on their position in their company. These are leaders that have rallied their partners in changing their lives. Most of them are my uplines, who selflessly develop their eagles like me into becoming a leader myself.

For me, they are the true leaders. Not by position, but by inspiration.

Someday, I will be a true leader. Until then, I will tirelessly and selflessly do whatever it takes to develop my leaders of my own and lead them to their success. With God’s grace, all of us will be reaching our goals and dreams, embrace it, and live life to the fullest!


Most of my friends knew how gruelling my work as an Onsite Specialist was. My dear housemates can actually attest to those disappointing weekends that I am on site instead of sitting around for the weekend. That was the challenge for most of the year, and I embraced it. Just last month, I was finally free of that and is preparing for my new work on a different field, no on-calls this time! 🙂 I was given a month of rest, the rest I badly needed after my challenging stint onsite.:) God is good.

The time I need to spend for investments and business trainings were also a challenge for me, especially on my unpredictable onsite schedule. BUt nevertheless, I got through and performed to the maximum with every minute of my time well spent on things that will improve myself.


No man is an island. Do things alone, and you’re likely to fall short of what you want. And God blessed me with gifted teammates, specifically the team of John Prado, Emil Diric and me. I told them a couple of times that our team-up came as a surprise for me but as months pass by, we realized how good and efficient out teamwork was — thanks for the complimenting individual skills and talents. It’s a synergy that has closed numerous deals and crafted the best plans.


God gave me the tools, skills, and opportunity to make my dreams come true in a period of time I never thought would be possible: FIVE YEARS. My business partners have done it in a couple of years, why can’t I?

Yes, I don’t need to work until 60 to live my life. I can do it on a much younger age, with no regrets and no disappointments.


I went back to Manila for a couple of times this year to make up for lost time last 2012. I terribly missed my country and missed my folks. I got back with my old friends and spent quality time with my family. I have never been closer to them all my life!

I also started to build good rapport to my future in-laws (yiheee), taking it one step at a time. Slowly but surely, I have made my presence felt and I realized that Giselle’s family is one great big family, tightly rooted to good values. I am also amused by the fact that Giselle’s siblings are all girls, like I do. I hope that by next year, I get to spend more time with them as I see they are wonderful people. 🙂

So that’s it for my 2013 — one of the best years yet! I won’t mention anything for 2014, as I will just keep on doing what I do best. Exciting things will unfold this 2014, and I am so ready to receive it all. 🙂

As I always say, things will just get better and better. False optimism? No. God gave me FAITH in His plans and I am just living it with utmost confidence and positivity. 🙂 God bless everyone!



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