Of Wishes and Blessings

I grew up as a less-than-average kid —  with dreams as small as my height, and wishes as many as my rants.

But I never forgot to pray. Most of the time, the things I wish the most are the things left unspoken in prayer. God knows it anyway.

When I was young, I wished to be taller, but obviously He didn’t answer.

Instead, He taught me how to reach for the things others are too arrogant to reach.

I wished for a very big house,

Instead He gave me a home with a very loving family to take care of me as I grow up.

I wished to be a Valedictorian, and everyone knows I am not.

Because He gave me the wisdom and knowledge that I need to know what I need to know, to see things from a better perspective, and to understand life that many people made so complicated.

I wished to become one of the richest kids on our village.

Instead He taught me that life’s riches is more than just having the most money.

I wished to have the sexiest and prettiest girlfriend,

Somehow He did, and so much more. He gave me the girl that completes me with her love.

Lastly, I have always wished for a better life.

Instead, He taught me that every waking day of my life is the best my life can be at that moment, at that point in time. Life must be appreciated everyday, that life is not a matter of it being better yesterday or tomorrow — but on how I live my life to the fullest today.

He taught me that my life is a gift from Him, every second, every minute, every hour of the day. Who am I to ask for something better?

Just now I asked Him to let me sleep earlier, but instead He made me stay up until 1:30 AM writing this.

And upon writing this I wished I become a very good writer/blogger, I know I am not.

Instead, he just taught me to write from my heart, and it’s all that I need after all.