Project #Sky2012: Completed

Five years in the making. Seven months of extensive planning. Numbers can’t describe what this project has been for me.

Take risks. Get out of my comfort zone. This is not the usual me. For once in my life, I had jumped into something that I cannot control. Planning can only get me so far. The Gantt Charts, financial plans and job market forecasts I did are nothing but mere precursors to a bigger concern: do I really have what it takes to go all the way?

The hard work has finally paid off, but not without major glitches. Laptop breaking down and only a single word file to work on, I slowly crawled back and defied the odds. I already came to a point of initializing my Plan B already. Then the calls came in and the break that I have been waiting for came through. It may have taken longer than my peers, but I sealed the deal anyway. Good things indeed come to those who wait.

Not only did I get a job (that’s what Sky2012 is all about after all) but also I got closer to my family, friends and God. I am spiritually, emotionally and mentally stronger now. I am starting to believe that God  gave me two months to strengthen my foundations first, before He gave me this sign that I am ready for another chapter in my life.

And the best things are yet to come. I’ll claim it. I’ll take it anytime of the day.

Yesterday, I had a chance to get some “me time” around the East Coast. Along the shore I sat and contemplated on what has transpired in my life. I have nothing but gratitude to Him. A hundred thank you’s won’t suffice what He has done for me. I talked to Him as if I am just beside Him. Events in my life are like waves approaching the shore, you will never know which wave gets into my feet.

I thank Him for giving me the biggest waves. It made me stronger and tougher. It made me realize that I can be a better person that I think I am.




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