Does love exist when we care for each other? Or when we laugh at our silly jokes? Or when we hold hands  as we sleep?

Does it exist when we are within each other’s reach? Or when we kiss each other out of the blue? Or when our minds get stuck thinking about us?

Does it exist when I give my shoulder when you’re half-asleep? Or when I carry you all the way when you just can’t make the road anymore? Or when I speak of you always, not from my lips, but rather from my heart?

Love does exist, and it will be for the rest of our lives. And love is more than that… we are born to love, not just to live. Love is everywhere, even before everywhere reaches my feet. For where my feet stand I wouldn’t know, if it leads to you I will forever show…

Love can be simple and yet get so complicated, but with you in it, I will never take it for granted….

Love will be absent sometimes or will be present forever….

We will never know when the arrows of Love will hit us…

But one thing remains true, need I say more…

That LOVE already exists the very moment I looked in your eyes…..





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