I am a 28-year old kid. I have no children yet. I want to have one, a pretty baby girl to be particular, but my fatherhood can wait I guess. I know parents will tell me that I have no right whatsoever to write stuff about dealing with children when in fact, I don’t have any.

I will write something anyway.

A while ago I overheard my cousin somewhat scolding her youngest kid regarding not doing his assignments first before playing video games. I let them finish first, and approached my cousin if everything’s alright. I offered to share a few words with my nephews.

You see, as a kid, I had my ups and downs in school. Even as a full-pledged Chemical Engineer as I am now, I still got 74 on my freshmen Algebra back in highschool. Sick huh? It is. After that shameful 74, I ended my highschool with a 98 on Mathematics and took on the toughest Engineering course later on. What happened? Trade secret.

Years ago I already prepared myself for fatherhood, really I did. Sorry kung nauudlot ha. But years after that, my principles just got clearer and firmer. Here’s what I want my future kid to know:


I will never tell you to stop playing forever. You are a kid, all books and no play makes little Paul a dull boy, or little Alex a lonely girl. I can provide you with all the high-end gadgets and video consoles you need,  under one condition:

Do your homeworks first.

Then play till your fingers can’t take it anymore. As a kid, I’ve spent most of my time playing, and still doing good at school. Why? I did my homeworks first.

Masarap maglaro pag alam mong nagawa mo na ang homework mo, db? It’s a winning situation: nakapag-aral ka na, nasarapan ka na maglaro, hindi ka pa namin pagagalitan ng mommy mo.


Para sayo ang grades mo.  Don’t study and don’t get high remarks just to please us. Rather, study hard because you know you will need that in the future.

Pag 75 kayo sa isang subject, wag ka mahiya samin, mahiya ka sarili mo. It’s your future that’s on the line, not ours. We will provide you with everything you need – allowances, tuition fees, mentoring, etc, but we can never ever fill in the blanks on your 100-item test for you.

Narating ni mommy and daddy kung san man kami ngayon because of prioritizing our studies. You want to be successful? It’s your responsibility. So study hard and study smart.


For sure may pagkaseloso si daddy pagdating sa boys, or si mommy pagdating sa girls, pero please be open to us if you feel anything, kahit crush pa lang yan. Loving is such a great feeling, it knows no age, it knows no time, it just happens and it feels right.

But just like studies, be responsible with how you feel.

We will hone you to gain the right attitude when it comes to lovelife. Your upbringing will be key as to who you choose and how you love. Mommy and I will make sure that we will provide a home full of love, so that you will be enveloped in an atmosphere of trust, respect and love – which are the key ingredients sa mga relationships.

Parents know best. So if you’re planning for someone, tell us. We can give the best advices you can imagine. Expert ata parents mo jan. J


The best job in the world is when you are getting paid for the thing you love doing most.

Know your core gift. If you are good in basketball, finish your studies and be a basketball player.

If you are good in arts, mag artista ka.

If you like to be an engineer like daddy, then I will give you a high-five.

Follow your heart.  Just make sure you’ll have a business later on, ok?


Above all else, He is the most important.

Our skills, talents, intelligence, toys, house, are all gifts and blessings from Him. Without Him, we are nothing.

God sees everything. So yes, you can lie to mommy and daddy, but you can never lie to God.

Pray to Him whenever you’re down. Pray to Him when you’re happy. Pray to Him if you want something. Pray to Him after waking up, before and after meals, and before sleeping.

Talk to Him anytime of the day, He is your friend.

Your parents do the same, and look at all the blessings that He gave us. Your parents are not devotees, but we fear and love God.

So that’s it. If my future kid happens to be a lovely, healthy baby girl… then this is I what I really wanted her to know:

Ma. Alexandra, daddy has been waiting  for you for a very long time, and to have you here in my life will the best thing that will ever happen to me. Your daddy will do everything to raise you and be the girl that every guy will respect… and your daddy will be the first guy to hug you when all those other guys break your heart. I love you.

If my future kid is a baby boy:

Junjun, be a better man than your daddy, ok? Wag mo ako tutularan. Lol.

Don’t look for mommy yet, she’s just out there somewhere. 🙂



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