No Time To Waste

It’s my 2nd week now in Singapore. So far, it’s been a crazy (in a good way) 2 weeks and I am sure there’s a lot more in store for me for the next weeks to come. Every waking day, I go online and look for openings and drop my resume to whatever position suits me. I buy newspapers every Wednesday and Saturday to look for urgent openings. If chance allows, I also do walk-ins.

This is how it must done.

Of course, I leave extra room for praying, workout and dinner with friends – in short, GALA. Lol. Jobhunting can be really stressful, and balancing my activities will be key in managing such pressure and stress. Thank God ICA granted my application for Long Term Visit pass, and I have the whole 3 months to seal some deal.

However, I am giving myself 1 month. Something must happen by then. Every day is crucial – especially on expenses. So there’s no time to waste. I can’t even manage to watch TV or play Xbox 360 here, no matter how tempting it is. I don’t want to. I can do all of that, and even more, once I get a job here.

Challenges come eventually, and last week, my laptop broke down mysteriously. Thanks to my friends who offered their help and gadgets for me to use. With limited resources, I am faced with the task of making the most out of what I have here. Talk about battle-testing, this will make or break me. I’ve heard stories of my friends who are working here already on the hardships they undertook while looking for a job. Most of them have even worse situations compared to me, and yet, look at them now. I wish I will have my own story to tell too, which results to an offer, ofcourse. The question now is, am I ready?

Yes, I am ready to bring it on.

I believe the right opportunity will come to me, sometimes when I least expect it. I just have to keep mind of the basics: work hard, pray hard, and be thankful for every help I can get.

To my friends and family members who are praying for me and helping me, thank you again. 🙂


4 thoughts on “No Time To Waste

  1. cheatmate! binabasa co na tuloy ang blog mo.
    well, I can very well relate. Same situation as yours, since I came back. Hopefully, positive results come out from this job hunting of ours. Keep the faith. God’s answers to our prayers are on its way. We just have to do our part and pray. God bless and good luck!

    • Bumalik ka na sa Pinas? Awww, cheatmate, goodluck to us! We will have opportunities for sure! sipag at tyaga tlga. 🙂 Godbless! 🙂 forward mo sakin resume mo. baka marefer kita sa dati kong company, dami openings dun.

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