Thank you Emerson!

A few nights ago, I paid a visit to an adoration chapel from a nearby parish.  It has been ages since I last went there – five years ago to be exact. I remember going there everyday during my interview process for my former company, Emerson. I asked the Lord to help me get that job, as I badly needed it that time.

He answered my prayer.

So fast forward five years, I find myself there again. This time, before making any requests to Him, I thanked Him for those wonderful years I have in Emerson. I stopped for a while and suddenly, all the memories burst into life, back on my first days at work. Ofcourse I won’t mention every single memory that I have with the company, just the ones that I will always remember:

The Old Tech Team from the “Aquarium”

Many people have come and go during my stay, but the old tech team will always be the one that will be dearest to my heart. Back in OSMA, the work atmosphere was just so different. It felt like a 2nd home to me more than anything else. The bond with my office buddies back then was so different and so unique.  I still remember the English Only Policy (EOP) that we have. It’s crazy. I never spoke English so much in my whole life. Lagi nga ako nauubusan ng binaon kong ingles eh. LOL.

That team that we had is one big humor block! Imagine Ryan Arquiza, Esslee Poblete and Rob Belardo taking the centerstage with their wits, add to that the crazy laughs of us newbies. Every shift is like a Saturday Night Live episode!

Then came my first barkada:  Robert, Mami Coy, Dennis and Glenn.  Namiss ko bigla ang lunch outs sa 9th floor. I always have my delata with me to save money. Hehe. We will have 30 minutes for eating and the rest of the break for sleeping! Unfortunately, this was short-lived as slowly, each one of us separated accounts. I will surely miss our kulitan and our serious discussions about family and career life.

Friday Nights at Banchetto

Forget sleeping during Friday shift breaks. This is the real thing, man. Banchetto! Walang tipid tipid! The tech team makes it a point to go to Banchetto on Fridays (the only day it opens). Seafood Aligue Rice was my favourite that time. There’s no way I was thinking about high blood pressure then. Lol.

Apart from those Friday nights, I still love having lunch outs around OSMA — the “out-back”, Rufo’s, Burger Machine, the huge fried chicken at Mini Stop, etc. Our pantry back then was awesome. I was game sa lahat ng lunch outs noon, because the overall feel for OSMA that time is different, unlike when we transferred to Makati.

Team buildings and FISH activities

Can you imagine a workplace without these activities? These are the things that I will truly miss. I remember the team building at 8 Waves, when I became Ms. Rosemount. Yes, MS. ROSEMOUNT. I was just a backup for Rey-Ann that time, and really didn’t expect myself to bag the crown. Lol. That was not the first time I played a “girl” role. Thanks to my theatre experience, natural na siguro talaga sakin ang pag-arte. LOL. But anyway, fish activities are also a great thing every last Friday of the month (correct me if I’m wrong). I love it because it takes us away from work and I can slip through the breakroom to steal some nap (sorry Ate Heids 😛 ).

Other activities were rockin` as well: Sykes Picnic 2008, Banyo Creek 2008, etc. Unfortunately in the recent years when we were migrated, I rarely join major events like Christmas parties, etc. Dahil na rin sa busy schedule ko, and to be honest, I already lost the enthusiasm to join. Me stating the obvious ar? Maybe yes, because I can easily cancel my commitments that time if I really want to join those events. Anyway, the last I attended was the SpIce Christmas Party 2011, perhaps because I am aware that that will be my last event with the company.

Nevertheless, these activities make the bond between office buddies even tighter.  We would end up talking about it on IM (Instant Messenger) all shift. I just hope that on my next job, they will have activities like these too.

OSMA  47TH and 49TH floor breakrooms

Everyone knows for a fact that I would rather spend most of my breaktime sleeping. The first time I saw these breakrooms, sobrang natuwa ako. Not just because of the comfortable bed, but the night view of the city is there for your viewing. Imagine you being 47 floors up, it’s an instant overlooking. I remember spending the first 5 minutes just staring the glass panels and savouring the nightscape. Feeling ko nasa condominium ako non. LOL.

Then I remember the one in 49th floor where  I spent a month or so sleeping from 6 am up to 2pm, practically dun na ako natutulog for the day. That was summer time 2008 if I recall correctly. Kami pa nina Robert, Dennis at Mark Baquiran ang suki dun. Why did I do that? Simple. No one’s waiting for me to come home (my gf back then was abroad), and there are less distractions. So I have the whole 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I just go home to attend to my tasks and change clothes.

Unfortunately that is not the case anymore in Makati. I even end up sleeping sa pantry. It is not the most comfortable sleeping place, but I will sleep anyway.

Ate Guard

Either you love her or hate her.Back in our OSMA days, there is this tech policy that restricts the staff from bringing gadgets, celphones, etc inside the workplace. So every night, we would line up to have our stuff inspected before we enter the premises. There was this one lady guard who is so strict, that she will also inspect my coin purse for hidden USB drives. Come on ate, why didn’t you inspect my socks? LOL. It’s nice to employ crazy and witty tactics to have stuff enter and exit the office. How? That’s a trade secret. 🙂  That’s OSMA life.

Rosemount Basketball

Throughout my stay in Emerson, basketball has been my main sport with my office buddies. This is the chance where we get physical and get to talk about the girls after. We were young men back then. 😛 Nyehehe.

I was honoured to be chosen as part of Team Rosemount basketball. Being the smallest in the team, ginagawa nila akong patungan ng kamay pag nagdadasal before the game. Ofcourse I lead the prayer.

But I want to thank them for entrusting me the starting pointguard position each and every game. Gusto nila talaga ako pagurin. LOL.

The best that we have reached so far is the semifinals. The championship game was just a few points away but it kept on slipping away from our hands. I hope Rosemount’s time will come next season.  I can see that the players are getting better. We just need more practice, and be serious with it.


Some of my officemates, especially upon transferring to Makati, have been my close friends. Every now and then we share stories, laugh out loud, have coffee together every Saturday morning, etc. I also gained friends from other divisions as well, thanks to to my exposure in the basketball team and the technical training team.

Some of my friends are just acquaintances, some became so close to me, and the coolest ones became my barkada. NAKS! Biased. LOL.

My last few months in the office have been pretty awesome.  I would regularly have “two bottles” with my USTemerson barkada, the weeknight dinner and lunch breaks with Gi (sinuyod na ang lahat ng kainan sa Ayala Triangle at Valero lol), the occasional lunch out with my teammates, and the dinner bonding with my friends from other divisions.

So there you go. Looking back, I am again thankful for the four wonderful years being with Emerson. Hind ko nga namalayan na four years na. And that is why I thank the Lord so much – for giving me this opportunity to work with great people. It’s bittersweet to leave lalo na kung gusto mo naman ung mga tao. It’s just that I have to do what I needed to do.

Thank you, Emerson. I have learned a lot these past few years and I will take it with me to the next chapter of my career. Thank you to all my friends in the office, and those who are not there anymore. Surely, this is not goodbye.

For we will see each other again. Alam nyo na kung saan. 🙂


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