On Top Of Your Work

Prioritize your loved ones over work. Give them the attention that they deserve and the quality time that they need to build a long-lasting relationship.

Even the simplest morning wake-up call must not be taken for granted. This little act of love means a lot to your special someone, starting their day with a bedroom voice and a mesmerizing smile.

Come lunch time, a small note saying “Don’t forget your lunch, eat well” is far way better than his/her Blueberry Cheesecake for dessert. Even a sweet nothing can mean everything.

As you both find your way home, a quick reminder on taking care of yourselves will definitely give you that atmosphere of love, protection, and security. Yes,while it’s true that you can handle themselves as individuals, it is still important that you feel pampered like a child.

Constant attention. We all need that. A text message left unreplied is an unreturned attention to the other. This might be petty by nature, but we always thrive from the small things aren’t we?

Loving someone isn’t just about the gifts and the dates. It’s also about making the effort to go the extra mile in strengthening your communication– a communication which serves as your lifeline no matter how far you are from each other, be it inches or miles away.

So, how have you called him/her up now? đŸ™‚ Don’t waste a second when it comes to love.


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