Year 2012: The Way I Want It To Be

Aren’t you tired of reading articles and listening to people talk about their new year’s resolution? I am, even if this turns out to be another one of those resolutions that many of us come up with.

Mine is quite simple: I want certain things to be accomplished  this year. You can also relate to some of these I’m sure, so read along. 🙂


Back in 2010, I started my self-made training program for better fitness and health. This involved running, swimming, strength training, and just the right diet. In barely 2 months I already lost more than 25 lbs. But I wasn’t just gunning for lost pounds, I was so intent in improving my “burning capacity” or metabolism. The more I worked out, the more my metabolism improved, the more I can eat what I want! Added bonus were those slightly chiseled (wait I have to really choose my terms well) whatever. My biceps came out from nowhere! LOL.

Not only did it improve my physical fitness condition, but also my mental well-being. See?

So for 2012, I will resume that program. No, I won’t enroll to any program the gyms offer. I have invested on a good pair of running shoes, some weights, and free use of clubhouse amenities. That will already do. All I  need is discipline and determination.


So you’ve seen this hashtag before, so what now?  This is the codename for one of the most important “projects” this year, my career stint in Singapore. It’s no secret I love the place, and it’s no surprise I would love to work there. For 4 years I’ve been tiptoeing my way there, but I have to get out of my comfort zone and go ALL-IN to get what I want. I have made preparations since Nov 2011 and I hope it will pretty much workout this year.

I have to make this work since my plans for 2013 will depend on this project’s success.

Why SKY? It pertains to my most favorite spot in Singapore, the Skypark on top of Marina Bay Sands. 🙂


This is one area I want to improve, year by year. I am not so keen on accounting how much I helped or affected the people around me, but I want to help and share whatever I have for them — everyday and everytime they need me. Blessings aren’t just about money, I hope the people closest in my life understands that, but time, effort, talent and all the things that go with it.

This is too vague. I will specify at least one: HELP CHARITY. I want to celebrate my birthday on an orphanage or something, and hopefully bring along my friends who are willing to help too. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing an innoncent child hug you and say thank you to you with all their heart. This one I hope I can really accomplish because for once, I hope I can be proud of myself.


Father God, family and friends. I will keep them close to my heart, even closer for the seasons to come. Especially that I am leaving the country, the relationships that I will establish between them will surely be my lifeline.


Every year, a week after my birthday, Formula 1 holds the Singapore Grand Prix in great style and rockin’ events. Call me “mababaw” but one of my dreams is to watch this grand prix on a country that I love.  A grandstand ticket will be an awesome gift for myself, won’t it?

These are the major things I want to happen for the year. Ofcourse I won’t discuss the minor ones in detail anymore. The things like finances, etc are already understood. 🙂

Each of us have our own resolutions, goals, or whatever you may want to call it. Always remember to put your heart in it, have the desire to pursue it, and have the determination to finish it.  At the end of the year, hit or miss, what matters is you’ve done your best to achieve what you want to achieve. It only gets sweeter if you have actually achieved them all.

Don’t forget to thank Him along the way.


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