My Visions Of A Sunset

A sunset photo taken at Harbor Square, Manila, Philippines (c)pauldavid

A sunset photo taken at Harbor Square, Manila, Philippines (c)pauldavid

It’s 545 pm. People passing by Manila bay will surely know that this is the time of the day when you have to sit back and enjoy the best view there is: the SUNSET.

I love sunsets. People closest in my life knew that, and you will know it once you see that most of the photos I take are all related to sunsets.

But most of the time, I want to savor the view by myself. Why such love? Why such passion on this everyday phenomenon? It is because I relate sunset to the way I see life:


Literally and figuratively, the sunset displays a majestic array of light and color. Perhaps the best part for me is around 10 minutes after the sun has gone down. Some of my friends in photography call it “the golden hour”. Funny how they call it an hour when in fact it only lasts for minutes. Anyway, this is the time where the usual yellow tone fades, and the sky gives off this awesome hues of blue and orange. Some sunset give off this fiery red hue, some deep yellow. Each sunset is unique, the way life is everyday.


As a sunset photographer, I value each minute I spend shooting the sun the way I value the fact that it will only be short-lived. I always advise my friends that “every minute counts” when it comes to sunsets.  The perfect hue only happens in a span of 3-5 minutes, and that’s all the time you have to capture this majestic view.

Timed to perfection. The mountain, ship and sailboat make up the elements to this sunset photo. (c) pauldavid

The same goes with our lives. Almost always, the best things happen only for a short time, and the best opportunities come rarely. Learning to appreciate the things that you have makes life more meaningful. Learning to grab each  opportunity makes  every effort worthwhile. Never waste a minute looking at nothing. As I mentioned earlier, sunsets happen everyday, but it is not everyday that you see the good ones. At times, the sun is already covered by the gloomy clouds, and believe me, you can’t help but sigh and stare at something else. So if you see a good one, stop and stare at its beauty.

Shooting the sunset is not as simple as it sounds. The timing must be perfect. I remember when I do shoots like these, I make sure that my camera settings are right, and every accessory and device are in place once the hues start turning deep yellow. Composition is another thing. You just don’t shoot and go away. You have to time the elements perfectly. The sunset isn’t just about the sun, but also the things that come with it — the mountain, the boats, etc. The sun creates perfect silhouttes for these elements.
So if you’ve prepared well enough,  that perfect moment creates the perfect shot.
In our life, the perfect moment comes rarely. And if it does, it’s either you don’t see it coming, or you’re not ready for it. The perfect career opportunity knocks at your door when you least expect it, and it’s up to you to grab it or ignore it. The person who is perfect for you can possibly come once in your life, and it’s all in your hands to change your fate.

A rare view of the cotton candy sky. Taken at Tagaytay, Philippines. (c)pauldavid

Question is, are you ready?

Are you ready to pull all the stops for the perfect view? Will you appreciate the beauty of your everyday life, or are you just one of those many who see life as an everyday struggle, bringing the negativities and affecting the people around them?

Are you ready to pause for a moment, think of how your life has been and how will it be for the days to come? Are you willing to take a break out of your busy schedule and appreciate the things that you tend to ignore?
The sunset, the way I see it, is an opportunity to savor the different facets of what you have in your life.  It is also an opportunity to plan the things you need to do to have what you want in your life. Make every moment count, because once the sun has actually set already, no one really knows if you’ll get the same view again.

Simplicity (by Bo Sanchez)

This is an article from Bo Sanchez that I keep reading over and over. This article proved to be a “reset” for me– after all the pressures, contingency plans, and checklisting of what to buy and do. My thoughts, same as yours, needs to be reset every now and then.. enjoy reading!

By Bo Sanchez

My parents breathed simplicity. Oxygen too, but that’s
pretty obvious. Dad was an assistant vice president
for a humongous company, yet I didn’t “feel” like I
was a rich man’s kid. Because my parents made it a
rule to live below their means.

A millionaire’s son rode a sleek Benz; I rode our
sixteen-year old Toyota that sounded more like a drum
and bugle band, with its cacophony of bangs,rattles,
and whams.

An heir of the moneyed class was chauffeured to
school, but as early as Grade III, I was taking the
public jeepney– sitting, standing, or swinging from
its handrails like a flapping flag.

The wealthy dined on gourmet meals every day. But the
culinary highlight of my whole week was when Mom
bought Coke for our Sunday lunch– the only time we
tasted the stuff. I’m not kidding.

Rich kid wore outfits from America, England, and
Paris. I wore clothes from Avenida, Escolta, and

The mansions of the rich and famous are veritable
furniture showcases, complete with sixteen Egyptian
jars from the Nephertiti era. I learned that one of
those monstrous flower vases was equal to the price of
our entire house. But naturally, we too, had our own
flower vases. If my archeological knowledge serves me
right, they came from the Nescaf=E9 era.

Their estates have playrooms with life-size Barbie’s
and Power Rangers. But the way I played with expensive
toys was admiring them from the store shelf and using
my imagination to the hilt. That way, I owned all the
toys in the world.

You’ll be shocked by what I’m going to tell you, but
through all this, I recall never feeling deprived in
any way. Let me tell you why.

I remember my father coming home every night and we’d
go jogging together–around our old car parked in the
garage. (Dad says he wasn’t vying for the Olympics
anyway.) Then I’d sit on his lap and we’d talk about
how to solve the problems of the universe.

After dinner, we’d read the comic pages together.
Tarzan was my favorite, until I reached puberty. From
then on, it became Jane.

Almost every Saturday afternoon, it was father and son
time. We’d walk to the shopping center and Dad would
buy me a hotdog. Then we’d walk back home, bringing a
little something for Mom, usually a chocolate bar. To
add sentimental value to our token, I forced myself to
take a few bites from it.

I guess being with Dad and Mom were all that my little
boy’s heart ever wanted.

And I got it, every single day.

I believe that God chose to write the “map of
happiness” on the ordinary parchment of simplicity–
like a treasure map written on recycled brown paper.
Consequently, many people ignore that map, and are
attracted instead to the more glossy, loud, shiny maps
around. But when they follow these others maps, they
end up tired as a dog chasing its own tail.

I have a radical suggestion.


Simplify because you want to discover the depths of
your soul.

Simplify because you want to start living

Simplify because you want to love from an uncluttered

Remember that simplicity is only the first step of the

Holding the treasure map, memorizing it, photocopying
it a thousand times, and keeping it safe in a vault
won’t make you claim the gold. You actually need to
sail through oceans, climb peaks, cross valleys, and
explore caves.

Simplicity will point to you where and what and who
the gold is in your life.

Once you know your gold, the game has just begun.

Will you treasure your gold?

My parents knew their gold:

(1) each other,
(2) their six children, and
(3) their faith.

They tried to live uncluttered lives so that they
could have time for what was most important.

They didn’t busy themselves buying a bigger house,
because that would mean working harder to pay the
monthly amortization, doing overtime work or taking a
second job. Who would then go jogging with little Bo
every night? Who would read Tarzan for him? They
didn’t burden themselves buying a BMW because that
would mean laboring and worrying about installment

Besides, walking to the shopping center every Saturday
afternoon with his son gave my dad his needed
exercise, and made little Bo feel special.

One of the delights of my heart was seeing Dad and Mom
in their bedroom at night, after our nightly family
prayer. The lights were turned off, and I’d see the
silhouette of my father seated on his old chair and
mom standing behind him, gently massaging his
shoulders. I’d hear them talk about what transpired
during the day. Even as a child, I sensed their quiet
pleasure at being together. My question today: Could
they have done this rich ritual each night and
nourished their marriage if they had been busy paying
for designer outfits for themselves or their kids, or
if they had been worrying about monthly bills for new
hi-tech appliances?

I don’t think so.

And I’ve made the choice: I don’t want that kind of
life either.


I really don’t know how did I come up with this… eh una sa lahat wala naman ako prob sa lablayp…. pero wala lang… kahit sabihin kong masaya ako… parang di pa rin ako mapalagay na nakikita at naririnig na sa mundong ito, may mga nasasaktan pa rin… at ang masakit pa nun… ang iba dun ang mga kaibigan ko. I’ve been hurt so many times na in my life na, minsan pa nga.. mismong kakain ako ng big mac eh tetext ako ng gf ko na pagalit.. ayun… sira na na naman ang araw ko.. naalala ko pa nung highschool ko.. naku, ang babae para sakin ay parang ginto, hindi lang dahil sa special sila but because ang hirap talaga nila hanapin! Nahanap mo nga… wala naman gusto sayo, ang masama pa nun, paminsan eh mapagtitripan ka lang.. kunwari crush din, flirt ka pa, sa huli… pagtatawanan ka lang nila.. masakit ba? Oo masakit yun.. nangyari na rin sa akin maraming beses na yun eh.. pakshet.. naalala ko pa nun, my heart was soft and innocent back then, umibig ako sa isang babaeng waring langit kumpara sa aking lupa lamang. Maganda siya, as in. pero ang ugali…. oks lang, nung panahon na yun naman sa sobrang desperado ko na magka gf eh kahit ano na lang basta babae e puede na. Ayun, sinaktan nya ako.. pinaasa.. kunwari pa gusto ako kausap sa phone yun pala tiniis lang ako… ang sama nya. Pero kundi dahil sa kanya, cguro di ako matututong kumausap ng girls ngayon.
Ung mga iba ko namang kaibigan, mas matindi pa ang storya…. pinagpalit daw sila sa iba… kunwari sila ang liligawan, pero yung nag lakad pa sa kanila ang siyang nakatuluyan ng lalaki…. hanubayun! Whatta sawi moment na maituturing…. pero I made her realize na love is unfair talaga.. lalo na pag ikaw ang nadehado. parang naging survival of the fittest na nga ang nangyayari ngayon sa pag ibig eh… ung tipong pag maganda ka, gwapo ang makakatuluyan mo, at kapag pangit ka, laking tsamba lang pag may hitsura pa ang napili mo. Eh ako naman di ganun kagwapuhan, di rin cute, minsan lang masabihan na may hitsura, eh di rin pinaligtas ng pag ibig.. haay… puro peklat na tlga tong puso ko…. dahil na rin cguro sa mga sugat noon. Ilang taon din akong nagtiis na walang minahal…..or should I say walang nagmamahal sakin. Those were the worst period of my life. Yung tipong mahal ko lang ang sarili ko dahil no choice eh.. wala naman nagmamahal sakin, wala nga nagkakagusto sa’kin.. san pa ako?
But as they always say…. In every cloud, there’s a silver lining. Oo tama, dahil sa mga panahong hirap ako sa labylayp.. natutunan ko na rin ang mag survive sa hirap at sakit na dulot ng pag ibig. Nandyan ung aliwin ang sarili sa barkada, pagbabad sa bilyaran o sa computer, pag aliw sa sarili ng ilang oras sa chat… o kaya’y ubusin ng husto ang laman ng ref mo, at sa mga babae naman, eh mag pa parlor, punta sa bahay ng bespren… lahat na para lang makalimutan ang mapait na nakaraan. So ano nga ba talaga ang mga gamot sa nagdurugong puso?

IT IS NOT WHAT YOU DO THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE, BUT ON HOW YOU THINK. Kahit libutin mo na ang buong Luzon para kalimutan siya, kung hindi pa rin magbabago ang mindset mo about love.. Sorry dude. WA EPEK… as in wala.. blanko… void…. null… empty set… zero percent… kapos… mintis… airball…. eh bakit? Material pleasures can’t compensate the pain that your heart received….. and pag ang heart eh nasaktan.. apektado na rin malamang ang utak.. coz they are in mutual status… masaktan ang isa…. masasaktan na rin ang kabila. Try changing your mindset….. kung baga sa computer e kung panay palpak ang ginagawa ng hardware mo, at nagtataka ka kung bakit nakailang palit ka na eh sa karton pa rin ang ending nya, eh baka sa software na mismo ang problema, diba? Kung na basted ka ng babaeng mahal mo….. drinking every night and bar hopping won’t do you good, tsaka gastos lang yan. Lying in your bed the whole night and roll there like a lumpia won’t help yah ease the pain. Kung ikaw ay kasama sa isang church org eh lam mo na kaagad ang unang gagawin…. PRAY. Kahit gaano ka pa ka demonyo eh sa simbahan pa rin ang tuloy mo dude. Totoo yun. Find a time alone na pupunta ka one day sa church, kausapin mo si Lord na parang kabarkada mo lang cya.. Talk to him as if kausap mo ang pinaka close na tao sa buhay mo… You know what, Lord God can touch the hardest hearts and the vainest minds. He did that to me and I’m sure magagawa din nya sa inyo yun. Sa mga iniwanan ng kanilang bf/gf eh wag na wag kayo manonood ng mga movies na may IWANAN na tema.. Its like jumping into a quicksand… lalo nyo lang nilubog ang sarili nyo.. sa mga nagsesenti naman… o cge oks lang yan… kasi ako rin ganun e.. d ba nga ang music is the choir of your heart? kahit ga BALDE na ang luha mo kaiiyak sa tune ng One last Cry ni Brian mcKnight eh oks lang un… kahit in reality hindi.
Try straightening your goals, point of view, or belief. Ano ba tlga ang gusto mo mangyari sa buhay mo? Sa lablayp mo? Siya ba talaga ang mahal mo? Kung siya talaga at di ka nya mahal, is it necessary ba talaga na dapat maging kayo para sumaya ka? Unconditional ba talaga ang love mo for him? Eh bakit naghahanap ka ng kapalit na pagmamahal? Bakit ka nasasaktan pag nalaman mong di ka pala mahal? Ano ba tlga ang definition mo ng loving someone? Bukal ba sa loob mo na masaya ka for her kahit hindi ikaw ang reason ng kanyang happiness? May umiibig bang hindi nabibigo? Pwede ka bang magmahal na hindi nasasaktan? Anong gusto mo, magmahal na masaktan, o hindi mahalin? You see, asking yourself these questions might straighten those curly love lashes of yours. Don’t think of your inferiority, yung tipong kesyo pangit ka, may pimples ka, kulang ka sa height, kulang sa pera…. Kasi if the girl or guy dumped you dahil lang sa kakulangan mo sa pisikal na bagay, eh hindi tlga siya deserving na mahalin.. pramis. Ibang tao lang talaga ang bagay para sa kanila. Ikaw ba ung tipong tao na nakikita ang love in a black and white scale? Well…its now the right moment to realize na ang love have gray spots in it.. na hindi lahat ng tama ay tama at di lahat ng mali ay mali. Being not open to these gray spots would spell disaster sa inyong “Getting over” na stage… ano ba talaga tong gray spots na to? Yung tipong persons tend to fall out of love… hindi sa nagsasawa pero bigla na lang nila nalalaman na hindi na pala nila mahal ung gf/bf nila.. there’s nothing really wrong about it ( sa isang side).. kasi ganun talaga… di naman din nya sinadya na mahalin ka eh.. eh malamang di rin nya sadya ang mawala ang love nya… tamang isipin natin na love is a feeling… but it is not a decision… the decision part comes only when it concerns MAINTAINING the love… so as long as there’s a feeling of love.. may decision kang i-maintain un…. but yun nga.. WHAT’S THE POINT OF MAINTAINING SOMETHING NA WALA NA TALAGA? Eh kung wala nang love… eh wala na talaga. Kung tumagal man kayo, baka awa na lang ang nararamdaman niya to you. That’s why it is important na ma clarify mo ang sarili mo sa mga ganitong gray spots….
Wala kang gelplen or boyplen……. SO WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL? sa unang tingin nakakainggit.. kasi nga may ka holding hands sila.. may natatawagan para mag gudnyt at i love you at kung anong klaseng paglalambing…. pero kung tutuusin… may kanya kanyang advantage at disadvantage ang pagiging single. One of the disadvantages nga eh ung nabanggit earlier in this paragraph. Ang advantage? You can take care of yourself, or pag nag-aaral ka pa eh you can concentrate on your thesis… or masusunod mo na lahat ng luho mo, damit, kotse, etc. Magagawa mo rin ang di mo magagawa pag meron kayong ka relasyon, tama ba ako? So dont tell me na hindi ka masaya dahil lang sa wala kang gf/bf…. ang dami pang single jan, and karamihan sa kanila eh masaya din sa buhay nila… believe me. Pero we should also take into consideration na masarap din ang feeling ng naaalagaan.. at minamahal diba? Well… that’s were appreciating what your friends do to you comes into play. Friends or peers will always be there.. ung mga ka barkada mong iniwan mo sa ere para lang dumamubs sa yong girl eh babalik at babalikan mo rin bandang huli…. although hindi talaga healty na sabihing ” Haaay sakit lang sa ulo yang mga lalaki” or “Gastos lang ang alam ng mga babaeng yan”…. we should be fair…. ganun talaga… some will win.. some will lose. There’s no point getting lost in ur life… nakagawa man sila ng mali… sila na ang bahala dun.. they only gave you the opportunity to react… but not the specific reaction. Kung nasaktan man tayo, hindi na nila problema yun,problema na natin yun. Pag ikaw ba eh nagmukmok sa isang sulok dahil sa ginawa nya eh iiyak ba siya? Hindi. Sa huli ikaw ang kawawa.
After a break up….. act and look better. Sa unang rinig eh parang ang hangin ng dating… but the fact is… kailangan mo talaga gawin to. Why? Imagine you just had a break up with your gf or bf.. tapos magpapaka awa effect ka to her… papasuin mo ang sarili mo ng yosi or maglalasing every night or magpupuyat hanggat sa magkaron ka na ng eye bags… tapos bigla ka nakita ng ex mo… ano na lang ang sasabihn ng ex mo? Kung balikan ka nun eh wag ka na rin matuwa kasi for sure malaki ang probablity nun eh naawa lang cya sayo. Stand tall and proud. Hello?!?!??! Sino ba cya? As if mamamatay ka pag nawala cya, oo mahal mo cya…. pero kailangan naman mahalin mo rin ang saril mo, a man who can’t love himself cannot trully love others.. look better not in a way na makakabingwit ka uli ng mga guys pero in a way na hindi ka tlga magmukhang talunan. And besides, pag nagkita kayo, make him/her tell to him/her self… ” Gosh!! Yan ba ung iniwanan ko? How can I let her slip away from me?” O diba? Kasi kung mukha ka na talaga losyang o dugyot after your break up eh baka lalo lang niya naisip na tama ang naging break up niyo. Explore your world….. kahit mahal natin ang isang tao… we can’t away from the fact na kailangan nating maging exposed… diba? It’s like a butterfly in a bottle of mayonnaise.. di makawala… di makita ng ibang tao ang kanyang kakayahan at kagandahan…. and even worse baka mamatay pa yun,d b? Sa mga probs na ganyan… alcohols and cigarettes don’t work. Harapin mo na agad ang reality na nangyayari ang mga ganung bagay na hindi natin gusto. Pagsubok lang yan… hindi pa yan kamatayan. Funny coz lagi na lang sinasabi satin na The Lord God won’t give us problems na hndi natin masosolve… pero still parang nagbibingi-bingian pa rin tayo…. natatakot pa rin tayo…
Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal. Ano ba talaga ang goal mo? Ang magmahal o magkaron ng gf/bf? If you chose the latter, hindi ka tlga magiging happy…. Stop looking for love.. Start being lovable. Open your heart to pains.. coz with pain comes happiness…. happiness na hindi kaagad nahahanap.. coz it slowly integrates from those little things that you do for love. Wear a smiling face always…. but don’t smile alone… baliw ang tawag dun. What I mean is people tend to get close to those whom they know na masaya and maganda ang mindset. Stop talking and thinking about failures and pains…. coz what you think would most likely attract you.
But as always, its easier said than done…. tulad ko… ang dali kong sabihin to kasi I’m not in a not-so-nice situation.. pero natutunan ko tong mga to from my experience na rin eh… hindi naman talaga madali… pero hindi rin talaga mahirap. It’s all in the mind and the heart. Kahit ano pang gawin sayo ng pag ibig….. always open your heart…. dapat laging alive…. because you cannot love with a dead heart. Don’t ever tell yourself na ikaw ang pinakakawawang nilalang sa pag-ibig…. pano na lang ang mga taong namatayan…. mas masakit un diba? Nagkataon lang talaga na iba iba tayo ng problema….
Once again, its all in the mind and the heart… nothing else

//originally posted 2002//

On Top Of Your Work

Prioritize your loved ones over work. Give them the attention that they deserve and the quality time that they need to build a long-lasting relationship.

Even the simplest morning wake-up call must not be taken for granted. This little act of love means a lot to your special someone, starting their day with a bedroom voice and a mesmerizing smile.

Come lunch time, a small note saying “Don’t forget your lunch, eat well” is far way better than his/her Blueberry Cheesecake for dessert. Even a sweet nothing can mean everything.

As you both find your way home, a quick reminder on taking care of yourselves will definitely give you that atmosphere of love, protection, and security. Yes,while it’s true that you can handle themselves as individuals, it is still important that you feel pampered like a child.

Constant attention. We all need that. A text message left unreplied is an unreturned attention to the other. This might be petty by nature, but we always thrive from the small things aren’t we?

Loving someone isn’t just about the gifts and the dates. It’s also about making the effort to go the extra mile in strengthening your communication– a communication which serves as your lifeline no matter how far you are from each other, be it inches or miles away.

So, how have you called him/her up now? 🙂 Don’t waste a second when it comes to love.

Year 2012: The Way I Want It To Be

Aren’t you tired of reading articles and listening to people talk about their new year’s resolution? I am, even if this turns out to be another one of those resolutions that many of us come up with.

Mine is quite simple: I want certain things to be accomplished  this year. You can also relate to some of these I’m sure, so read along. 🙂


Back in 2010, I started my self-made training program for better fitness and health. This involved running, swimming, strength training, and just the right diet. In barely 2 months I already lost more than 25 lbs. But I wasn’t just gunning for lost pounds, I was so intent in improving my “burning capacity” or metabolism. The more I worked out, the more my metabolism improved, the more I can eat what I want! Added bonus were those slightly chiseled (wait I have to really choose my terms well) whatever. My biceps came out from nowhere! LOL.

Not only did it improve my physical fitness condition, but also my mental well-being. See?

So for 2012, I will resume that program. No, I won’t enroll to any program the gyms offer. I have invested on a good pair of running shoes, some weights, and free use of clubhouse amenities. That will already do. All I  need is discipline and determination.


So you’ve seen this hashtag before, so what now?  This is the codename for one of the most important “projects” this year, my career stint in Singapore. It’s no secret I love the place, and it’s no surprise I would love to work there. For 4 years I’ve been tiptoeing my way there, but I have to get out of my comfort zone and go ALL-IN to get what I want. I have made preparations since Nov 2011 and I hope it will pretty much workout this year.

I have to make this work since my plans for 2013 will depend on this project’s success.

Why SKY? It pertains to my most favorite spot in Singapore, the Skypark on top of Marina Bay Sands. 🙂


This is one area I want to improve, year by year. I am not so keen on accounting how much I helped or affected the people around me, but I want to help and share whatever I have for them — everyday and everytime they need me. Blessings aren’t just about money, I hope the people closest in my life understands that, but time, effort, talent and all the things that go with it.

This is too vague. I will specify at least one: HELP CHARITY. I want to celebrate my birthday on an orphanage or something, and hopefully bring along my friends who are willing to help too. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing an innoncent child hug you and say thank you to you with all their heart. This one I hope I can really accomplish because for once, I hope I can be proud of myself.


Father God, family and friends. I will keep them close to my heart, even closer for the seasons to come. Especially that I am leaving the country, the relationships that I will establish between them will surely be my lifeline.


Every year, a week after my birthday, Formula 1 holds the Singapore Grand Prix in great style and rockin’ events. Call me “mababaw” but one of my dreams is to watch this grand prix on a country that I love.  A grandstand ticket will be an awesome gift for myself, won’t it?

These are the major things I want to happen for the year. Ofcourse I won’t discuss the minor ones in detail anymore. The things like finances, etc are already understood. 🙂

Each of us have our own resolutions, goals, or whatever you may want to call it. Always remember to put your heart in it, have the desire to pursue it, and have the determination to finish it.  At the end of the year, hit or miss, what matters is you’ve done your best to achieve what you want to achieve. It only gets sweeter if you have actually achieved them all.

Don’t forget to thank Him along the way.

Thank You 2011

  Year 2011, much to the knowledge of others, has been one crazy year for me. This has been a defining year for me, breaking free from my usual self — the comfort zone that I used to enclose myself with.

Don’t worry, this won’t be one of those long and boring year-end blogs that you’re accustomed to. I’d like to share to you some highlights of what my year has become:


This one I will try to share the quickest. The first half of the year was the toughest and have to deal with the hardest breakup I faced yet. Much to the disbelief of our 165 mutual friends who expected so much from us, only the two of us knew the real score. Those were good 25 months. Just like my past, I hope we can still be good friends in the future.


Then came my quest to regain the balance that I lost in my life. The 2nd half of the year is all about spending quality time with practically every group of friends that I have: J4 barkada, college friends, officemates, chatters, etc. I missed them all, and I promised myself not to go MIA (Missing In Action) again. I thought I am ok with a life in a lovely box, but it ain’t working. This is who I am. I love going out with friends, controlling my time as I deem necessary, and the right space for myself and the things that I love. I spent this crucial months finding out what I really want, and stick with people who will support me. I also made the effort of making amends with my family, being a nice son to my parents, and even sweeter brother to my elder sisters. I miss them so much.

Those who have seen photos of me will definitely agree that I’ve been bestfriends with San Mig Light and all the booze that came with it. Again, this is who I am. He ain’t Popoy if he ain’t partying. LOL. Kidding.

I’ve also spend quality time alone, off to my sanctuary. Tagaytay is where I do most of the thinking, planning, and praying tasks – and I must do it alone. Not that I am bragging or something, but I am used to figuring out things for myself, and learning from them myself. Not because I want to, but because my past experience taught me I have too. I have to say, I am really good at it though. Lord God, my sole mentor,  is powerful enough to help me and guide me along my way.

Fact of the matter is, I don’t have to journey alone. Because then came special persons in my life who made this journey worthwhile. I can’t thank them enough to repay for what they did.Thanks again. 🙂


I mentioned “crazy” year, didn’t I? Here is why. LOL. For the 3rd time, I tried entering the world of Twitter, and thankfully this time I made it stick in my social system. In almost 4 months, I’ve met crazy cool friends especially my rusher friends from the uber rockin cool RX The Morning Rush! I get to talk to them mostly from Twitter, so yeah, I can’t do much without Twitter nowadays. I also got in touch with my other friends in Twitter, and for a good reason: they like to share stuff there more than Facebook. I can relate. 🙂 It’s a whole new world, and I am glad to have tried it the 3rd time. So yes, a big thank you to my Tweeps! #apir !

So that was 2011 for me. How about your 2011?