Headsets. You’ll see everyone wearing it. Every soul confined to its own music, its own style, and its own world. I have observed that people seemed to be a little more efficient in their work if they wear one– and for a good reason. With your headsets on, it’s just you and your task; you and your music. People around you may shout and alarms may give way, and you will still go on with your thing. Amazing.

 I got headsets in the office and at home. It helped me a lot focus on my tasks in hand and make my day a bit better through feel good music. At work, my colleagues would rather NOT disturb me with non-sense if they see me wearing it. It’s either I’m not in the mood or I need to finish a ton full of workload on a limited amount of time.

 When you think about it, we can put those headsets every time we need to get out of unnecessary rumors and noisy ranting that you used to live with. I can attest to that. With people who just can’t stop talking shit about you, back and forth, side to side, you name it — they friggin’ talked about it already. People who just can’t seem to figure out the obvious– that you don’t give a shit about them anymore and you are so better off with better things (if not better friends 😛 ). Really. Are you willing to descend a level lower with them to hear what they have to say? Sometimes you just can’t afford to do so… not with your busy schedule and the bright future ahead of you.

 Put your headsets on. They can nag you, psyche you up (or at least they thought so :P), backstab you tremendously (they don’t get paid for that though, lol), or even create false (sometimes crazy) stories about you… but it all goes to thin air if you got your music playing. I am not suggesting having a deaf ear from constructive criticism, but you know what’s sensible and what’s mind-blowingly inappropriate for you.

 There are some who will talk to you face-to-face if they really mean it. You have to admire them, because they are the type that mend relationships and heal wounds. So if some are just so contented in talking smack at your back… you know they’re so out of your league. And so they think they’re cool and all shit. They may even say that “if you’re not with us then you’re an outcast”. Well BOO wh. Since you know you’re better compared to them, you just deserve a better group of friends. It may surprise you that the good ones are just around, ready to welcome you with open arms. You have a good future then.

 This is the headset that filters out all the negativities the society can throw to you. This will spare you some of the heartaches, controversies, conspiracies and bullshit that you don’t need at times. This will help you focus on your thing — studies, work, hobbies, etc. This will bring out the best in you, make you dance with your favorite music. This will make you sing at the top of your lungs and never ever mind the people around you.

 As the saleslady from Funan says, “Wear it, and you’ll see the difference.”


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